Innovation at heart

We believe in that there's still a lot of room for innovation in the technology industry, that’s why our main focus is to always create unique products, designed with a outside of the box thinking, and innovating on every detail.

Handmade products

We strive for excellence and make sure that our customers notice it. All of our products are handmade and tested with care so that every product arrives at your doorstep with the highest level of quality.

Proudly made in Portugal

In this day and age where a product is designed in a country and built in another, we are proud of the fact that all our products are designed and built in our beloved country.

Some of our Products


Our portable soldering station, weighing just 300g and able to be powered from a 24V battery, perfect as your everyday soldering station and capable of withstanding any kind of field work.

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A curiously portable, USB-powered, and fully-featured, battery charger that supports all chemistries and voltages of rechargeable PP3 (9V) batteries, while fitting neatly inside an Altoids tin.

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Some of our Projects


An over-engineered Class-A headphone amplifier. With a discrete and minimalist circuit capable of driving the entire range of headphone impedances from 16Ω all the way up to 600Ω.

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