About Us

Innove Workshop Company (IWC) is a dream coming true, after many years making hobby electronics projects in a small computer desk at home dreaming of one day being able to transform our ideas into actual products, the opportunity to open a business finally arrived and with it the possibility to put into practice all that we had planned all these years.

We have a passion for engineering, innovation, and technology. We are always in a constant search for better ways to achieve our goals, think outside the box, simplify things, and develop innovative solutions.

To achieve the highest level of quality possible all our products are handmade, with care and a lot of attention to detail, in order to make sure that when you receive your order you’ll be receiving something unique.

The People Behind This Dream

Nathan Campos



Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering at Multivix College in Brazil, in love with everything engineering-related and curious, started programming at the age of 12. In 2012 bought a Arduino since he was curious to learn more about electronics, then his great passion for electronics began, which inevitably made him change his graduation to follow his passion.

Luiza Bianquini



Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering at Multivix College in Brazil, has a passion for engineering and animals. With knowledge in multiple areas of the industry decided to embrace the opportunity to become part of this dream coming true and make sure of the success of this company.